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This page is intended for jobseekers

Tips on how to fill your CV

Writing a good CV is one of the most difficult aspect of job hunting. 

Here are some suggestions on how to write your CV, especially targeted to the EUJOB4EU Platform.

1. Adapt your CV to the Europass template

We used this format to structure our platform, so it will help you fill in the CV section.

2. Use English only!

We are matching jobseekers and employers from all over Europe, so we must use a single language. If you use another language we could not find you in our database! 

3. Be careful to the contacts you insert 

Be prepared to receive a short phone call, e mail, skype call after you have sent your CV to us. Add more than one contact: e mail address, phone number, mobile number, skype... so that we can reach you. And don’t forget to update your CV if you change one of your contact.

4. Give useful information about yourself

Your CV should answer the following questions: What are you specialised in? (your professional strengths) What exactly is your work experience? (if it is your first job: experience from internships, stage, etc.!) What results/successes have you achieved in your work (internship, stage, etc.)?

5. Make it keyword friendly

We use keywords in our matching procedures, so make sure to use them!

6. Take the time to complete the section "Personal skills and competences"

Even if this is your first job, you can reflect back on other areas where you have 'added value' (ie as a member of the school council, volunteer etc.). Consider what your contribution was in those roles and be prepared to discuss them at the interview. Discuss them in terms that will appeal to the employer, such as:

  • I was a member of the school council and had a new idea for xyz, which proved very popular.
  • I reduced company expenditure by reducing paper waste - introducing xyz measures

The task mentioned does not need to be complex and can be fairly simple but it is how you performed the task that counts and that is what you need to express to the prospective employer. 

7. Add a good photo

It can increase your chances enormously! But be careful when you chose your photo: nothing too personal! 

8. Check it twice! 

Check for mistakes ( typo's or grammatical errors); a CV with errors doesn’t look good! Print your CV once you have finished it and check it again…

9. Keep your CV up-dated

Every time something significant occurs in your career, record it so you don't later forget something that could be important. 


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